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Steel Storage Tank Manufacturer in Hopkins, Missouri

Steel Storage Tank Manufacturer in Hopkins, MO

Open since 1954, J. L. Houston Company is a steel storage tank manufacturer in Hopkins, Missouri, producing tanks for storing petroleum products, solutions, and many types of chemicals. Our company has received quality awards for the last 5 years.

Products Manufactured
We produce carbon steel and stainless steel tanks for aboveground and underground applications, as well as a wide variety of products, from ball valves and gauges to safety breaks.


Above-ground tanks include vertical tanks, tanks on skids or saddles, and cone bottom tanks on legs or skirt supported. They come in cylindrical, rectangular, or elliptical shapes. We also build a variety of insulated tanks, double wall tanks, fire protected tanks, and custom-designed tanks at your request.

Our Staff:

Ron Houston—President
Elaine Holste—Office Manager and Sales Representative
Coby Hayes—Plant Manager and Sales Representative
Lonnie Jones—Warehouse Manager
Joe Hayes—Outside Sales
Rande Welch—Draftsman and Technical Support
Brian Gladman—Draftsman & TechnicalSsupport
Bobbi Oberhauser—Accountant

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